The journey..

When I was in Class IX , there was a poem in our English literature by Robert Frost : The road not taken . Our teacher told us that this poem will become more and more meaningful as you grow up and start facing the world. I didn’t care much about what she said. But now, everything seems so relevent.

I was a bright student till my XIIth standard. After that things took its turn. There were many opportunities before me, but I discarded all of them to pursue my dream which ofcourse I failed to succeed. Now I am in a place where I don’t belong, everything inside me burns with regret for not seizing the chance I had. Little did I know it was going to be the best I could get back then.

Now I try to pick myself up, reassuring its not the end yet until I win. But sometimes I find myself in tears, wondering if I am going to end up being a mediocre,living a life I never imagined for myself.

But my hopes keep me going even though I have failed innumerable times and let the hopes of my near and dear ones shatter. I was mentally and  physically exhausted.

My journey uptill now has mostly been a failure. But I won’t end up like this. I will be successful someday. Yes, I believe I will win.





INDIANS – Do you know there is also a type of trans people other than HIJRAS?


HIJRA- As taken from Wikipedia ” is a term used in South Asia – in particular India- to refer to an individual who is transsexual or transgender.” Here the word they used is transsexual or transgender but they actually refer to MTF male to female which means they have the body of male but they are women inside.

In India we see them everywhere on the streets,particularly in trains. They come in group to ask money from the passengers as they are jobless and their family refused to accept them due to their sexuality. We Indians have heard a lot of stories about them. But there’s something we are missing: there is also a group of people who identify themselves as male inside but have the body of female. They are referred to as FTM(female to male). They are neglected by almost everyone. Even Amir Khan, one of the greatest Bollywood celebrity missed it out in his show SATYAMEV JAYATE (season 3 episode 3- ACCEPTING ALTERNATIVE SEXUALITY). Gender discrimination is still prevalent in the country. First of all being a girl, its very difficult to come out to everyone, above that,the ignorance of the masses makes it harder. I hope there will be a time when all our brothers and sisters of India acknowledges and supports different sexuality individuals. I hope we live to see a day when the country is free from all types of discrimination.